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Quebec Genealogy on Worldcat

I used to see what was available for “Quebec genealogy” resources.

That search alone (on the entire collection of books, CDs etc) produced 8553 results!  Obviously I needed to narrow it down a little.

I added “Eastern Townships” to the search “Quebec genealogy” and was able to narrow it down to 74 hits.   The Eastern Townships is mostly English Quebec and where my ancestors settled.

That search gave me great information including:

by Linda Corupe

by Linda Corupe; United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada. Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch.;
I then added “Compton” (one of the Counties where our relatives lives) to the search and got this:
This is a book I’m very familiar with having found ancestors in it.  I highly suggest checking out this book for your Eastern Research if you haven’t done so already.
I then tried a new search “Quebec Genealogy + Maps” and received 25 hits.   I plan to check out the following.
by Lorraine Dubreuil; Thad W H Leavitt; Henry Francis Walling; McGill University. Digital Collections Program.;
by Geraldine Beech; Rose Mitchell

All great finds which I plan to check out further.
I strongly recommend that you search  Who knows you just might find that Surname Family History book that features your family!

[This search was the result of Amy Coffin’s challenge (from the We Tree blog) for “52 Weeks to Better Genealogy”.  Thanks Amy for introducing us to another great online tool for genealogy research.]