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My Quebec Family History Society newsletter Connections (Winter 2010)  arrived this week. As always there are great articles and tips for the readers.

Articles in the Winter 2010 Connections:

  • The Haunted House of Sir George A. Drummond
  • Patriots’ Prison
  • Edifice Gilles Hocquart – Home to the Montreal Branch of the Quebec Archives
  • Treasure in France – Story of Clara D Gatignol and Andrew Howard Ransom [McNab]
  • Surviving the Russian Quagmire – 1942 -1945
  • Connections also includes information about accessing QFHS’ online databases, Surnames found in their collections, seminars upcoming, computer tips and more.

A subscription to Connections is part of the QFHS membership (more info here)

Of special interest – QFHS is now on Facebook!  Search for “Quebec Family History Society Facebook Page”. (Facebook is a free service)

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