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Family History Learning for Snowbirds

Mesa Arizona Family History Expo

2nd Annual Arizona Family History Expo January 22-23,2010

Snowy weather, square tires and icy streets….a typical northern winter today.

Imagine a winter without the conveniences and services we now take for granted.  A winter filled with physical chores and no central heating.  A winter of short days and long nights and lanterns for lights.  Imagine a winter as a pioneer in Canada or the northern USA.

If you are heading south to avoid the Canadian winter (or a northern US one!) consider attending the Arizona Family History Expo January 22-33, 2010 in Mesa Arizona.

The cost of registration is very reasonable.

Single Day: $40

Two Days: $75 ($65 if registered by January 1, 2010)

Single Class: $12

As a proud member of the Bloggers of Honor who will blogging and tweeting live from Mesa, Arizona for this event, I have 2 FREE TICKETS to give away to the winner of the following contest.

Start date for entries is today and ends Sunday January 10th, 2010.  Entry is open to ALL who wish to enter (not just us cold climate folks).  Winners will be chosen by a random draw.

To enter, please pick ONE of the following:

1.  In 300 words or less write about ONE of the following:

  • A story from YOUR childhood or experiences growing up.  (your grandchildren will thank you).
  • A story about memorabilia that has been passed down through the family (example: Grandma’s old rocking chair, the ‘good china’ or perhaps the old tube radio.  Any memorabilia that has sentimental or nostalgic value).  Include a picture if you have one.
  • Your tips and strategies for organizing and planning your genealogy and family history research.   How do you keep track of where you are, what you have already researched and what you need to do next?
  • A story of your genealogy ‘brick wall’ – the one family or ancestor that has you stumped and for whom you are searching for more information.
  • A story about genealogy roots travel – have you gone back to the land of your ancestors, where did you go, what did you find?  Did it advance your research?
  • A story about travel to a genealogy or family history conference and what you learned.  Was it beneficial?

2. Photographs (ONE of the following)

  • a photo of you before you started school
  • a photo of grandparents or other ancestors
  • a genealogy related photo from your travels to discover your roots

Remember – you need only ONE story or photo to enter.  Submit your entries by email to

You may enter as many times as you wish (with a different story or photo every time) but please send only one entry per email.

The winner will be chosen by random draw and will be announced on the blog during the week of January 11 -17, 2010.  I look forward to all the submissions.

All contest submissions will be posted on the Luxegen Genealogy and Family History Blog. By entering, you state you own the copyright to the content and you give permission for that content to be published on the Luxegen Genealogy and Family History Blog.

Check out Mark Tucker’s Think Genealogy blog for more chances to win.

To learn more about the Arizona Family History Expo January 22-23, 2010 go here.

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