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Let’s face it, jetting around to genealogy conferences gets expensive.   But don’t despair.  You can attend vicariously though the social media aficionados at any conference.  Here is a portion of the news stream from David Rencher’s keynote address at the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference all the way from Springfield, Illinois, September 7 to 10, 2011.

Federation of Genealogical Societies #FGS2011

 Tweets from David Rencher’s opening talk at FGS

David Rencher asks ‘What if your Society went away?’ What do we offer #fgs2011

The way we connect is different. David Rencher #fgs2011

Rencher: societies have value in local data that others cannot get anywhere else. #fgs2011

How to reduce your society costs to zero? Did you know there are free web hosting options for 501c3?#fgs2011

Rencher – the information age has changed the way societies get together. Will you cling to old ways or shift to new ones? #fgs2011

Successful Gen Society leaders are willing 2 make change. DAVID rencher #FGS2011

Societies have local data, knowledge and a unique experience when collecting data from David Rencher at #fgs2011

David Rencher provides Society Survival Guide. #fgs2011

Must have a society business model. ~David Rencher #FGS2011

Societies have a chance to participate in the indexing of the 1940 census by partnering with FamilySearch. #fgs2011


These and others attending the conference are your reporters on the ground, reporting news on Twitter and other social media as it happens.   They play an important role in spreading the word about any event and can give those not attending a look and taste of actually being there.

Search on the Twitter hashtag #fgs2011 to follow.

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