First Taste of SLC & FHL Researching

Second day in on our #Rootstech Salt Lake city trip and we are having fun!

Yesterday we went exploring for a bit and the first place we headed was the Family History Library. We knew it was closed, being Sunday, but we just wanted to see where it was 🙂

It is only a couple of blocks from the Radisson Hotel and just around the corner from the Plaza.

We then wandered over to Temple Square and were fortunate to have a tour of the Tabernacle and other buildings. The Tabernacle is a beautiful dome shaped building spanning 150 feet, showcasing an impressive pipe organ and incredible acoustics. We could hear paper ripping, a pin drop and our guide speaking from the front very clearly at any point in the building. The Tabernacle was built between 1864 and 1867.
Sunday night was dinner in the Canyon restaurant in the Radisson hotel. Good service, good food.

Monday morning had us at the Family History Library bright and early for our tour. Maureen Davis had arranged for us to have an orientation with Yvonne and Valerie. Yvonne is an expert in Canadian records and got us started on our research. Thank you so much for this orientation!

Mid day we attended Barry Kirk’s talk on Canadian Internet websites. I’m quite familiar with most of these and it was a quite helpful overview for my hubby, who is just getting into genealogy.

My Irish KERRs proved to be elusive….again. In fact 3 experts in Irish research were challenged with one request. Alas, these KERRs will remind elusive for another day.

We did find the marriage record of Hubby’s ggg-grandparents on the MILLER side – Ira Miller and Salome E. Hartley.
We had another surprise in the family history library when a Scottish voice piped up and said “I recognize you from Twitter!”. It was Marie Dougan, newly arrived after a 20 hour trip from Scotland! Jetlagged and keen, she was already researching. Follow her tweets @dougangene on Twitter.

We wrapped up the evening with a nice dinner at the Olive Garden with Lorine McGinnis Schulze of Olive Tree Genealogy and her husband. Lorine is a fellow Rootstech official blogger. Follow her tweets at @LorineMS.

It’s been a busy couple of days. Looking forward to more research tomorrow.. 


Tip – Photocopy Cards at the FHL cost $1.00 and you need exact change in the form of a$1 bill to purchase the card. (There are change machines around). The card costs $0.60. Label your photocopy cards and don’t put to much money on the card. At 5 cents a copy, a dollar or two will go a long way!

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