Genea-Bodies: The New Somebodies

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An interview by Josh McHugh of Forbes with entrepreneur and AllTop owner Guy Kawasaki got me thinking about social media influence.

Back in the olden days (all  of 3 or 4 years ago) when Twitter and Facebook were fairly new you might get a reply from one of the big Influencers on the net.  Not any more.   Try to pitch a product and get a mention by an Influencer with a million followers these days…well, it simply isn’t going to happen.

Kawasaki’s recent book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions talks  about getting things done in life that require the cooperation of others.

He proposes that the Nobodies are the New Somebodies.

You know…You and Me...the Nobodies with maybe a thousand twitter followers (if we are lucky) , a little blog, a few hundred Facebook followers and a network of online friends.

Genea-Bodies: The New Somebodies

We are the New Somebodies.  Yes, in our industry we Genea-Bodies are the New Somebodies.

Why?  Because a Nobody could become Some Project’s biggest cheerleader.

Just look at the royal treatment the Official Bloggers received at Rootstech. (I was one).  Jay Verkler, Anne Roach, Paul Nuata et al knew what they were doing when they engaged the Genea-Bodies.

We Genea-Bodies have a voice.  A collective voice.  A passionate voice.  And we talk about our passion.

We blogged and tweeted and Facebooked our little hearts out about Rootstech.  Because we wanted to; because we felt the cause was warranted.

And in part, because we had been noticed.  We had a job to do.  We were reporting on Rootstech!

And not just the official bloggers, but all of us Genea-Bodies. We became Rootstech’s biggest cheerleaders because we cared and we were engaged.

As Josh McHugh in the Forbes article so aptly states:

“It turns out that celebrating your project’s most enthusiastic fans regardless of their influence scores and making them the stars of the community has the flattering (though ancillary) side effect of – you guessed it – eventually raising the influence scores of everyone involved.”


What are you thoughts on this topic?  Please leave your comments below.

UPDATE: 80+ comments and counting! The thread morphed from Genea-Bodies influence to making money  as genealogists.  I suggest readers check out Thomas MacEntee’s excellent series of posts on Genea-Opportunities:  Let’s Make Lots of Money

Greta of Greta’s Genealogy Bog has created a comprehensive list of the various blog posts that arose out of the discussion.


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