Celebrity Look-alike

Elton John?  Really?


 Every Saturday night Randy Seaver challenges the online genealogy crowd to a bit of Saturday night fun.  

This week’s fun was to go the web site and do a Celebrity Look-alikes challenge.

 My celebrity Look Alikes were:

Luxegen Celebrity-Look-a-like 

  • Morten Harket 70%
  • Janeane Garofalo 64%
  • Jess McCartney 64%
  • Jane Curtin 63%
  • Liza Minnelli 62%
  • Kim Cattrall 61 %
  • Dayany Nurfaizah 59%
  • AND Elton John 58% !!

Was it the glasses or the chin???    🙂

Thanks for the fun Randy and!

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