Rootstech 2012 Early Bird Registration

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Rootstech 2012 Registration

Early Bird Registration deadline for Rootstech is  fast approaching. Save $60 by registering by November 30, 2011.

What is Rootstech?

Rootstech is a conference where genealogy meets technology and is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah February 2nd to 4th, 2012.

Last year’s Rootstech was the best genealogy conference I ever attended. It was also different from any genealogy conference I ever attended. I’ve attended a lot of conferences with my career (science) and my passion (genealogy).

I highly recommend this one for genealogists. There were folks from all over the world. I met people from Scotland, England, Australia, fellow Canadians and of course lots of American friends I see online.

And I learned so much!  My favourite talk from last year was Curt Witcher’s High Tech High Touch.

A selected sampling of 2012 sessions offered include:


A Dozen Ways to Use Your iPad 2 for Genealogy and WritingThis session will demonstrate a dozen ways to use your iPad 2 for genealogical research and writing tasks. User Lisa Alzo


A Report Card for the Genealogy Software IndustryThis session will present a genealogical workflow model that represents how genealogy work is done by hobbyists through experts. Then we will discuss how sell the genealogical industry provides features that support the genealogical model through a scoring system. We will explore areas of strengths and weaknesses and areas that are not even addressed. The end result will be a genealogical grade that can be reviewed and improved each year. A proposed score card can be provided where each vendor can examine their products and determine where opportunities are available. User Ron Tanner


Apps Galore for GenealogistsIn this two-hour session, the speakers will discuss and demonstrate applications for the iPhone (or other smartphone) and iPad, from eBooks to genealogy programs to deed-platting to GoogleEarth, and beyond that to apps that help organize our busy lives—from accounting to contact management to file sharing. Live demonstrations from the iPhone and iPad will be shown on the projector, enabling attendees to see the usefulness of these apps for themselves. User Pamela Sayre


Genealogy 2.0: international panelists discuss their use of social media to connect with cousins, collaborate on projects, discuss issues, market and promote genealogy services and perform acts of genealogical kindness.International panelists, Jill Ball, Amy Coffin, Audrey Collins and Joan Miller (that’s me!) who met at Rootstech 2011, discuss Genealogy 2.0. Taking a case study approach they will discuss the use of social media to connect with cousins, collaborate on projects, discuss issues, market and promote services and perform acts of kindness. User Jill Ball

I’m thrilled to be presenting at this conference as well as reporting as an official Rootstech blogger.

Check out the schedule for more info and register before November 30th, 2011 to save.

Rootstech TIP – search the schedule for your keyword of interest or speaker.




Disclosure – as an official Rootstech blogger I receive certain perks such as complimentary registration and opportunities to interview the speakers.

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