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On line Death Records for Family Tree Research

A Family Tree is an ongoing process…but you can only go back so far until you reach a dead end (no pun intended!. )  You may be searching for your ancestors by looking up vital records like birth, marriage, divorce, and death records. It might also be helpful to know where your relatives are buried.

Verification is very important and with common surname misspellings,  often the only way to verify the right person is through the dates on vital records.  Tombstones can provide useful information such as the birth and death date….but be wary of errors.  Our KERR grave markers in Quebec say “Keer”!

There are great online resources if you know where to look. Instead of guessing, start with the obvious.  Check out the genealogy sites on line and look for cemetery records. You should be able to search by name to see what comes up along with whatever information was found on each tombstone.   To verify further I suggest purchasing a comprehensive online service that gives access to vital records…and not just for death records.  One can find birth, marriage, passenger records and a wealth of other information.  It can save a person a lot of time.

I’ve found two such services.  One is Genealogy Archives and the other is Government Records.  Both are primarily USA based.  Genealogy Archives has a search window you can try before signing up.

To Search Death Records on line click here.