Genealogists are a special breed

Genealogists are among the most generous people I know. Anyone that has been doing this hobby (passion?) for any length of time will be able to confirm this.

Need a look up in an out of print book? Just ask on rootsweb list in the area or surname you are researching and someone will find the information for you.

Trying to find a certain census record? Just ask, and there will be someone volunteering to help.

Have a family tree brick wall? Talk it out with members of a genealogy forum. There will be lots of suggestions.

Find a connection between families?

Genealogists will share their research and leads. I’ve had folks send me entire gedcoms (family tree files) of their research. One even sent a bound book of his research! When I asked what I could do in return he said “Nothing” and that he was happy to share. He didn’t expect compensation for his costs. When I pressed, he suggested perhaps a donation to my favorite charity in his name. I did that and have emulated his action by providing information for other genealogists when I can.

There are genealogists battling mosquitoes and sunburns to index cemeteries. There are genealogists transcribing census records, reading microfilms, adding to the online records, providing useful information in blogs…you name it….and they give willingly of their own time.

Random acts of kindness are very common. THANK YOU fellow genealogists for your generosity.

Yes, indeed….Genealogists are a special breed.

Thank you!