GeneaPress Debut

GeneaPress is a communal effort by the genealogy and family history blogging community to manage the large number of press releases received from genealogy vendors and organizations. The goal is to create a repository where bloggers can link to the latest news about the genealogy industry.

This initiative was conceived at Rootstech 2011 by Thomas MacEntee with input from several of us geneabloggers and vendors present.   There is a GeneaPress widget that can be placed in the sidebar of a blog.

I’m one of the authors and I am willing to place your press release on the new GeneaPress website if the notice meets the ground rules below.

The Ground Rules

1.  Genealogy bloggers who receive a press release can post it at GeneaPress if it has not already been posted.

2.  Press releases posted at GeneaPress should not contain affiliate links or any links that would benefit the author financially or in the form of web traffic.

3.  Genealogy bloggers can still post the press release at your own genealogy blog if you’d like.

4.  Comments are turned off on all posts. If you want to editorialize about the news contained in a press release, please do so on your own blog.

5.  Genealogy bloggers are encouraged to link to press releases here at GeneaPress especially for daily or weekly review posts such as Follow Friday.

6. A roll-up widget listing the latest press releases is available for posting in your blog’s sidebar.  See GeneaPress News Widget for more information.

7. GeneaPress is limited to 100 authors. If you would like to have Author rights to post press releases, please see GeneaPress Author Application for more information.

I encourage my readers to check out the latest press releases and if you are a geneablogger consider installing the GeneaPress widget.

===> Visit the GeneaPress website

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